US Presidential Elections: Campaigners Target 'Battleground' States
US Presidential Elections: Campaigners Target ‘Battleground’ States

The last 48 hours before the final US Presidential Elections were spent by the two candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in final campaigning across the country aiming at the ‘Battleground States’.

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The ‘Battleground States’ refers to the 11 US states which do not have a Democratic or Republican majority and can go either way, with a total of 172 seats. As the competition between Clinton and Trump heats up, the seats of the ‘Battleground States’ will play a significant role in the outcome of the polls.

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In the last stretch of campaigning, the Republicans led by Trump focused on Hindus while Democrats under Clinton used a broader approach in targeting all South Asians. Current President Barack Obama along with First Lady Michelle Obama and other Democratic party leaders are also campaigning in the ‘Battleground States’ on behalf of Clinton.

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Both Clinton and Trump have had there share of scandals, debates and allegations. Clinton has raised doubts about Trump’s attitude towards Muslims, immigrants and women, and whether he can be trusted in a nuclear scenario. Similarly Trump has questioned Clinton’s judgement, tax policies and views on immigration.