ISIS-14Global terror organization Islamic State has found yet another gruesome way of executing its captives.

According to reports, the terror organization reportedly executed nearly 25 captives by dipping them in a basin containing Nitric Acid in Iraq’s Mosul city.

The men were reportedly tied with ropes and then lowered in a tub till the victim’s organs dissolved.

The executed people were accused of spying and collaborating with Iraqi forces.

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Apart from adding more techniques to execute its captives, ISIS is also adding new crimes that are punishable by death.

The group executed 250 women in Monsul in April after they refused to get married to the IS militants.

Nitric Acid is a strong corrosive mineral acid. It can have a catastrophic effect when it comes in contact with the skin. It is used a powerful oxidizing agent that can actively decompose living tissue including bones.

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