queenBritish monarch Queen Elizabeth II was caught on camera saying that the Chinese officials were “very rude” during President Xi Jinping’s first state visit to Britain last year.

The queen was filmed by a pool cameraman talking to Metropolitan Police Commander Lucy D’Orsi at her first garden party of the year at the Buckingham Palace on Tuesday.

In the video, D’Orsi is presented to the queen as “Gold Commander”, who had overseen security during President Xi’s visit.

She is heard to respond: “Oh, bad luck.”

When D’Orsi asked the queen if she knew about her ‘testing time’, the 90-year-old monarch interjected, “I did.”

The official recalled the time when the Chinese official walked out of Lancaster House telling her that the trip was off.

“They were very rude to the Ambassador,” the queen said.

“It was very rude and very undiplomatic I thought,” D’Orsi replied.

The queen described it as “extraordinary.”