Today is the final day of the two-day plenary-26th Plenary of the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group in Seoul and negotiations are underway for the induction of non NPT countries, including India.

Indian diplomats, led by Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar, are in Seoul to press India’s case, although they are not the participants at the plenary in the absence of India’s membership. He has met a number of delegation leaders in this regard.

About 300 participants from 48 member countries are attending the plenary which was preceded by official-level session that began on June 20.

Here are the updates:


Switzerland opposes India’s bid for becoming an NSG member, say Sources. During PM’s visit earlier this month, they had supported India’s bid

Signing NPT first is one of 5 criteria,its not set by China but by group as a whole:Ambassador Wang Qun(China)

NSG consensus in favour of a Non Proliferation Treaty,we hope India joins the NPT first: Ambassador Wang Qun(China)

China does not back Pakistan or India to be admitted in NSG till they follow rules laid down by the members:Chinese chief negotiator Wang

Differences on admitting non-NPT members, #NSG will not take up India’s case as of now: Chinese chief negotiator

NSG top body heads of delegation meet begins in Seoul

High level NSG meet to continue on Friday in Seoul, delegates arrive at the venue.

On Thursday ,the first day of the two-day 26th Plenary of the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group concluded with no consensus emerging on India’s induction to the elite group so far.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday urged China to support India’s NSG bid, but there was no breakthrough on the issue at the meeting of the 48-nation grouping in the face of stiff Chinese-led opposition.

As Modi and the powerful Chinese President Xi Jinping met in Tashkent, some 5000 km away in the South Korean capital, India’s case, although not on the formal agenda, came up at a special post-dinner meeting of NSG members, who remained divided over India’s entry because it is not a signatory to NPT.

Besides China, which has been publically vocal in its opposition to India’s membership, it is understood that countries like Turkey, Austria, New Zealand and Ireland took the stand that no exception can be made in the case of India.