ISISISIS has underground cells in the UK, Germany and Italy, a top US intelligence official said on Monday.

When asked by a reporter if ISIS’ British, German and Italian cells are like the ones that carried out terror attacks in Brussels, Director of the National Intelligence, James Clapper, said, “Yes they do.”

He was speaking at a breakfast organized by the Christian Science Monitor in Washington DC.

He said that the intelligence officials continue to see evidence of plotting on the part of ISIL in the UK, Germany and Italy, The New York Times reported.

The Islamic Sate has vowed to conduct attacks in those three countries.

Intelligence officials, however, emphasize that it is impossible to know where the terror organization might strike next.

Like Clapper, intelligence officials in Europe have indications that Britain, Germany, Italy and other countries are in list of ISIS’ potential targets.

The information comes at a time when ISIS often signals its intentions before targetting any country. Though the security officials often intercept the message, those communications are hard to decode as the terror organization has proved its mantle in terms of covering its virtual tracks.