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Indian-Americans Prefer Hillary Clinton Over Donald Trump

Majority of Indian-Americans prefer Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump as their choice for the next US President when it comes to issues of immigration, religious freedom and outsourcing, a Silicon Valley-based think tank has said.

However, the New York-based billionaire has an edge over Clinton when it comes to India-specific foreign policy of the United States and the fight against terrorism, the Indian-American think-tank said yesterday quoting its recent survey.

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Most of the respondent preferred Clinton over Trump on immigration (59 to 29 per cent), religious freedom (67 to 27 per cent), outsourcing (52 to 22 per cent) and trust issues (40 to 17 per cent), the Foundation of India and Indian Diaspora Studies (FIIDS-USA.Org) said while releasing the results of the survey carried out on Indian-Americans about their opinions on the two US presidential candidates.

Trump faired little better against Clinton over terrorism (48 to 43 per cent) and India specific strategic alliances (47 to 40 per cent) with respect to countries like Pakistan, China, Russia among others.

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FIIDS is a US think-tank based working on dialogues and research related socio, economic and geo-political issues and policy matters related to India and the Indian diaspora.

An overwhelming majority of the respondents were naturalised citizens (89 per cent) and male (82 per cent).