BRAHMOSIndia is looking forward to an expanded missile export drive. According to reports, It has stepped up efforts to sell an advanced cruise missile system to Vietnam and has at least 15 more markets in its sights.

The government has ordered BrahMos Aerospace, which produces the missiles, to accelerate sales to a list of five countries topped by Vietnam, claim reports.

BrahMos Supersonic is an Indo-Russian joint venture.

India is the world’s biggest arms importer, selling these missiles would mark a shift for it as it seeks to send weapons the other way in order to shore up partners’ defences and boost revenues.

It had been sitting on a 2011 request from Hanoi for the BrahMos for fear of angering China, which sees the weapon, reputed to be the world’s fastest cruise missile with a top speed of up to three times the speed of sound, as destabilising.