North Korea Test Fires Ballistic Missile, Japan PM Says 'It's A Serious Threat'

| August 3 , 2016 , 08:04 IST
[caption id="attachment_202277" align="aligncenter" width="700"]N Korea Test Fires Ballistic Missile, Says S Korea Defence Ministry N Korea Test Fires Ballistic Missile, Says S Korea Defence Ministry[/caption] Japan PM Shinzō Abe on Wednesday defined the test fire of ballistic missile by North Korea as serious threat. Abe's statement came after the missile laded off Japan's coast. Abe said "North Korea test missile landing off Japan's coast is serious threat." North Korea on Wednesday test-fired a ballistic missile towards the Sea of Japan, South Korea's defence ministry said, in an apparent reaction to the planned deployment of a US missile defence system. ALSO READ:North Korea Test-Fires 3 Short-Range Missiles The missile was launched from near the western city of Unyul at around 07:50 am today (local time), it added. ALSO READ:We Won’t Abandon Nukes With US Gun To Our Head, Says North Korea The test follows the launch of three ballistic missiles on July 19 in what the North said were simulated nuclear strikes on the South. Pyongyang has carried out a series of missile tests this year in defiance of tough UN sanctions, and vowed to take "physical action" against the planned deployment of a US missile defence system in the South announced in July. ALSO READ:Kim Jong-Un Becomes North Korea Ruling Party Chairman UN resolutions prohibit North Korea from developing ballistic missile technology. Pyongyang has repeatedly warned of pre-emptive nuclear strikes against the South and US targets, although the main focus of its nuclear weapons programme is to develop a credible strike threat against the US mainland. A series of missile tests this year aimed at backing up that threat led to an agreement between Seoul and Washington to deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defence, or THAAD, by the end of the year. North Korea-US tensions had already been stoked by Pyongyang's fury at Washington's decision to personally target leader Kim Jong-Un with sanctions related to human rights abuses. (With PTI Inputs)