Pak compound- CIA
Image: CIA/ Twitter

The Central Investigation Agency (CIA) is marking the fifth anniversary of the Osama Bin Laden’s operation in Abbottabad, Pakistan by ‘live’ tweeting the raid as if it were happening today.

“To mark the 5th anniversary of the Usama Bin Ladin operation in Abbottabad we will tweet the raid as if it were happening today. #UBLRaid,” the agency wrote in a tweet.

The tweets include the images of the compound where Bin Laden was hiding and how the White House reacted to the situation in Abbottabad.

The move by the agency was however mocked by the Twitterati, who questioned what the agency hoped to accomplish with the tweets.

“@CIA What are you hoping to accomplish with that? It sounds like you’re just fulfilling an urge for violence. That doesn’t reduce terrorism,” Tweeted Serena.

“@CIA Nice work guys. Still digging it 5 years later. Thanks for all of your hard work,” tweeted Jon Frank.