Balochistan Woman Writes Open Letter To Modi, Urges Him To Support

| September 8 , 2016 , 14:54 IST
ltrWith the Balochistan freedom movement intensifying, gathering support from all over the globe, a woman from Pakistan occupied Balochistan has written an open letter to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi requesting him to support the ‘freedom movement’. Tarek Fatah, a Canadian columnist and author, took to his Twitter handle to tweet pictures of the letter penned by the woman. In the letter she has written: letter “Pakistan has serious concerns on Kashmir but India doesn't seem that much serious to support the ongoing freedom movement of Balochistan in Pakistan. I request India to add Balochistan to it's foreign policies,help improve education and completely support the movement of Balochistan freedom from Pakistan.” [sic] ALSO READ: Baloch Woman Exposes Pakistan, Posts Heart-Rending Pic On Twitter "Pakistan wants to occupy Jammu and Kashmir, nominally claiming independence but in actual Pakistan wants to take the revenge of Bangladesh. Pakistan has added Kashmir in it's foreign policies 'Kashmir Independence Day' 'Kashmir Accession Day'. All the agencies if the United Nations, adds its trained terrorist in Kashmir's separatist forces as "Mujahideens" Kashmir issue is a crucial part of Pakistani media while Pakistani army is directly in the battle to occupy Jammu and Kashmir." [sic] For all the latest news and updates from India and across the globe, follow us on @NewsWorldIN on Twitter and News World India on Facebook