Scorpene Leak: It's Not A Big Worry, Says Defence Minister Parrikar
Scorpene Leak: It’s Not A Big Worry, Says Defence Minister Parrikar

In a major boost to bilateral strategic ties, India and the US have signed a crucial logistics defence pact that will enable their militaries to use each other’s assets and bases for repair and replenishment of supplies, making joint operations more efficient.

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Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar and US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter signed the ‘Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement’ (LEMOA) and said it will facilitate opportunities for “practical engagement and exchange”.


LEMOA: Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement.
LEMOA Is For: Army, air force and navy of both the countries.
LEMOA means: Armed forces of both the countries can now seek food, water, petroleum, transportation, communication, clothing, and components, repair and maintenance.
When LEMOA Is Used: Cash payment will be made to avail services.