United Airlines

United Airlines falls into deeper trouble after a passenger complained that a scorpion that fell on him, had stung him, during a flight from Texas. This isn’t good news after the incident of the overbooked United flight.

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The man was on a flight from Houston to Calgary, Alberta, complained that a scorpion had fallen from the overhead bin on his head and had stung him on his fingernail.

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According to reports, the passenger was rushed to the medical center, while the flight crew said ‘it was not a life threatening matter.’ The officials have reached out to the passenger and apologised for the incident.

The airlines suffered major backlash after the disturbing video surfaced, wherein a passenger was dragged out from an overbooked flight.

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Dr David Dao, a 69-year-old Vietnamese-American doctor, suffered a concussion and broken nose when the law enforcement officers forcefully dragged him out of the airlines.