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kargil martyr
Image: Gurmehar Kaur/ Facebook

Amid the never-ending battle between India and Pakistan, daughter of a Kargil War martyr has given a message on Facebook that will bring tears to your eyes.

Jalandhar-based 19-year-old Gurmehar Kaur, whose father Captain Mandeep Singh was killed in the war in 1999, has conveyed a strong message in a series of 30 placards written in English that no voice can convey.

“I was 2 years old when he died. I have very few memories of him. I have more memories of how it feels to NOT have a father,” she shares.

“I remember how much I used to hate Pakistan and Pakistanis because they killed my dad,” she says in the four-minute video while adding that she hated Muslims as she believed they were Pakistanis.

“It took me a while to know but today I do. I have learnt to let go off my hate. I fight for peace between India and Pakistan.”

“Enough is enough.”

“I wish to live in a world where there are no Gurmehar Kaurs who miss their dad,” Gurmehar shares while asking the governments from the two nations to stop pretending and start working towards solving the problem.