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A special conference held was held on Monday morning in which five top executives of the different companies went 6 metres under the water to do a 20-minutes conference.

The underwater conference was held at the ocean bed at Kovalam, a famed beach in Kerala.

The top executives did a meeting under water holding the placards around a specially-designed conference table six metres deep in the Arabian Sea.

The corporated heads held world’s first under water conference to spread awareness about marine pollution.


Hema Menon of UST Global, who picked up a few plastic wrappers while coming out of the sea, said, “These wrappers and plastics around should not be inside the sea. But it’s all over and has to stop.”

“Just go into the sea and you can make out how the corals are bleaching. Something like Swachh Bharat Mission has to be included for our water bodies too,” said Dhinesh P Thambi, Vice President of TCS.

The group of the top executives took a pledge to work towards creating awareness on marine pollution.

Responding to the pledge, Raja Gopal Iyer, CEO of Uday Samudra Leisure Beach Hotel, said, all hotels from south to north Kerala, by the beaches, will unite for awareness campaigns on World Oceans Day on June 8.

The event was organsied by Bond Ocean Safari, a water sports company.