Pakistani Doctor And Father Of 35 KidsA 43-year-old doctor in Pakistan’s remote Baluchistan province, who has already fathered 35 children, is unfazed by the troubles of providing for his big family and is aiming to have 100 children.

Jan Muhammad, who lives with his three wives, 21 daughters and 14 sons in a poor locality of province’s capital city – Quetta, said he has never faced problems providing for his large family.

“Last week, my second and third wives gave birth to two daughters and I am now proud to be the father of 35 kids. If possible I would want to marry a fourth time and have 100 children,” he said.

Jan Muhammad said he requires around 100,000 rupees a month to manage the expenses of his wives and children. “I manage, as I am a qualified doctor and also run a small business,” he added.

Jan Muhammad is also keen to provide quality education to his children. “There is no life without education nowadays and I want top education for my daughters and sons,” he said.

The extended family shot to fame after it was first seen on the Dawn News channel.
The video was watched by over 3.3 million people on Facebook, who shared it over 175,000 times and commented on it over 4,000 times.