A group of 5 people slapped an on-duty constable, roughed up other security officers when they tried to stop them, from entering the premises of Taj Mahal.

Lakhs of tourists visit Taj Mahal every day. However, its not very often that unusual incidents happen.

In a rather shocking incident, a group of five people, all of whom were drunk, slapped an on-duty constable and roughed up other security officers when they tried to stop them from taking their vehicle inside the premises of Taj Mahal.

The group that included a married and two females, broke the police barricade placed at the parking lot of the monument’s western gate. When the security officers stopped the car, the driver got down and slapped one of the constables. Later, three of the women too got down and began beating up and abusing the policemen.

While the group managed to escape at the time, however, one of them was caught when the police gave a chase. Four others were arrested by the Agra police from Taj’s premises.

The group members as Vikrant Kumar, his wife Dilmeet, Rinku Chopra and their friends Kashish and Aditi have been arrested by the Agra Police.

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