humanityOf late, we are only seeing people at their worst but this story of auto driver helping a man will restore your faith in humanity. Mumbai resident Rameez Shaikh took to Facebook to post his story. Incident happened on Friday while he was on his way to the mosque.

While Rameez was getting late to reach Mosque, he took an auto. He was about to sit when he realised that he had left behind his wallet in his office. Realising this, he requested the driver, Shuklaji, to wait for him at the mosque and take him back to the office so that he could pay the fare.

Shuklaji, an ardent follower of Lord Ganesh, told Rameez, “Aap bhagwan ke kaam ke liye jaa rahe ho, aap tension matt lena.”

Shuklaji refused to wait as he had to get to some other place, but as they reached the mosque, Rameez was surprised by what Shuklaji did.

Apart from giving him a free ride, Shuklaji also offered him money for his journey back to the office.

Here’s the post: