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A Russian girl has a unique job to make beds of warm, this girl has amused people around the world by her unique hospitality service. She has been dubbed as the world’s ‘first human bed warmer’.

But, wait! it is not what you are thinking. Well, she just warms the bed on cold winter nights before you sleep on it. Of course, who likes crashing into a chilly bed.

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According to a report by the Mirror, UK, 21-year-old, Viktoria Ivachyova, charges £65 (Rs 5454 INR) per night or £1,350 (Rs 113316 INR) per month for her bizarre service. She lays “in strangers’ beds for an hour to ensure they are nice and warm when they turn in” the report added.

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Moreover, she has a policy according to which,“She tells clients they can be in the room while she warms their bed, but there is to be no physical contact between them.”In case anyone tries to froce her for anything or break the rules she hits a ‘panic button’ that alerts the hotel staffers.

According to Ivachyova, the professional’s booking chart is full, while she is now planning to hire more women for the facility. However, it is single men who have been opting for the services, but she is open provide the service for women as well.

According to Mirror, Ivachyova was inspired by a book written by Russian author Anatoly Mariengof. “One character, a poet called Sergei Yesenin paid a female typist to come to his home every morning and lie naked in his bed, under the blankets, for 15 minutes, warming it up. The whole ritual apparently helped him regain his writing inspiration,” the report added.