Mostly young girls are considered as models, especially when they are featured in a swimwear campaign. Also, the glamour industry is so obsessed with that perfect look that even people have stop questioning.

But now it’s different and amazing. A collaborative campaign by an online specialty shop The Dreslyn and lingerie house Land of Women has come up with a 60-year-old model – Yazemeenah Rossi.

According to reports, Yazemeenah plans to continue modelling until the ‘end of my life’. Check out her gorgeous and graceful pictures here:

1. Yazemeenah Rossi Looks Elegant

2. As Graceful As 21-Year Old

3. Yazemeenah Rossi At Her Best

4. At 60: She Looks Superb

5. Yazemeenah Rossi: Simple And Elegant

6. Oldest Woman Ever To Appear In Swimsuit Issue

7. Isn’t She Beautiful?