Putting all the speculations on rest the leading e-commerce portal of India Flipkart confirmed the launch date of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 by releasing a teaser on its official Twitter handle. The teaser says that Xiaomi will be launching the Redmi Note 4 in India on January 19.

Xiaomi has already captured a huge part of Indian market with its smartphones and Redmi Note 4 is going to be first big launch for 2017 by the Xiaomi. The company has a lot of expectations with the new smartphone launching India.

Meanwhile, In a bid to promote the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, Flipkart posted on its official twitter handle, “India’s new all-rounder is visiting us on January 19th. One of the best in India! Any guesses who it is?”.

After which, Ravinder Jadeja got trolled after presuming himself as of being India’s best all-rounder. Flipkart and Ravinder Jadeja shared quite funny conversation on Twitter and somewhere, Jadeja ended up facing undue embarrassment.

Here is what exactly happened:

Firstly Flipkart posted this tweet on thier official twitter handle

Cricketer Ravinder Jadeja replied to this tweet and said, [email protected] Why this Kolaveri di? Should have informed me before announcing? Anyway, got a match on the 19th… let’s push this to 20th?”

And then situation became quite awkward and then Flipkart replied and said, “@imjadeja You are one of our favorite players. But looks like there was some confusion. We weren’t talking about you. #AllRounderOnFlipkart”.  

And then Xiaomi also helped Flipkart to resolve the confusion with following tweet:

And then finally Flipkart posted a video to resolve the confusion: