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Expanding its services, Instagram is now testing a new feature by which user can even shop products through its posts. It will be similar to the feature on Facebook, where user can read news articles without leaving the Facebook, so in exactly same manner users will be able to buy products without leaving Instagram.

Pots on Instagram will include picture of the product by the brand and also the price will be displayed on it. Instagram is also working on embedding a ‘Tap to view’ option, tapping on which will enable user to see the larger image of the product with its description.

According to Instagram’s survey, majority of people take a day or longer time to make purchases online. This indicates that people usually takes time to compare the product and then take decision. Keeping this in mind, Instagram is planning to provide an option to save the post and revisit it again.

For the purpose of testing, initially the new feature will be available to a group of people on iOS devices within US. Kat Spade, JackThread and Warby Parker will be the first few brands to take part in functionality test of the new features of Instagram.

If falls in its place for Instagram, the application will reach a new high of 500 million monthly active users.