Pokémon Go Loses Engagement In India: Reports
Pokémon Go Loses Engagement In India: Reports

Location-based augmented reality game Pokémon Go is losing engagement in India, claim reports.

According to a study conducted by Nielsen mobile insights, The reason for this decreasing craze has been defined as the technical glitches.

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The game has not been officially launched in India but is available through a downloadable APK (android application package) file from third-party websites.

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According to the study titled ‘AR (Augmented Reality): Adding a new dimension to marketing’, Pokémon Go observed a 10% decline in its reach between 18 July and 28 August—from 14% in its second week to 4% in the seventh week.

Reach refers to the proportion of people who have used the application at least once in a given period of time (in this case, a week).