Oops! Twitter Accidentally Suspends Its Own CEO's Account
Oops! Twitter Accidentally Suspends Its Own CEO’s Account

Proving that micro-blogging networks are also human, Twitter accidentally suspended the account of its own CEO Jack Dorsey due to an internal mistake. Dorsey was forced to set up his account again.

While his account was suspended, users who tried to access his profile received the message “Error, the account you are trying to view has been suspended.”

Twitter has not given a reason for the error, beyond stating that it was due to an internal mistake. Also, this is not the first time Twitter caused an inadvertent error. Earlier this month, the number of twitter followers for Prime Minister Narendra Modi reduced dramatically which was later confirmed by Twitter to be a technical error.

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Twitter is not the only social media network to turn on its senior officials. Recently, Facebook declared its CEO Mark Zuckerberg to be dead and asked for condolances. Facebook later apologised for the “technical glitch”.