Several Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Have Caught Fire
Several Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Have Caught Fire

The results of the investigation into what caused Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones to catch fire will be released on January 23.

The South Korean tech giant asked the US-based safety organisation UL to find the root cause of phablets catching fire. It halted its sales over recurring battery problems.

Separately, the state-run Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL) also launched its own investigation into components of Samsung’s latest flagship phones after numerous reports of the device igniting.

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The government and Samsung reportedly concluded the cause is not a simple battery malfunction, and the two sides are fine-tuning details to reach the final outcome.

Finding the exact cause of the Note 7’s problem is crucial for Samsung to win back consumers’ trust before the firm launches its new flagship model, the Galaxy S8, in April, industry watchers said.

The South Korean government, meanwhile, said it would strengthen its safety measures to prevent a similar problem.