New Facebook Messenger App To Include Data Saver Mode
New Facebook Messenger App To Include Data Saver Mode

The new version of social media giant Facebook’s Messenger app will include a data saver mode that will help users save on their data pack expenses.

Till now, Messenger app automatically downloads anything the user receives regardless of size of content. But with data saver mode on, users have to tap to select each specific photo and video they wish to view.

“The beta version also packs a counter, which shows the user how much data it has saved. This can be reset as required, which should be helpful to those on a rolling monthly data plan,” reported thenextweb.com website.

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The data saver mode only works when the device is using cellular data. When it connects to a Wi-Fi hotspot, Messenger resumes normal operation.

The company is testing the new mode on the Android beta version of the app.

Data saver feature will show up in the mainstream branch of Facebook Messenger soon. However, if you can not wait, you can sign up to the beta through the Google Play store, the report added.