tanmay bakshiWhen kids of his age were busy in things like school, games and friends, Tanmay Bakshi was developing apps.

The 12-year-old Indian-origin boy Tanmay Bakshi, unlike most kids of his age has been a programmer since he was five. Not only is he one of the youngest programmers in the world but he is also one of the well-known entrepreneur in Canada.

After addressing the IBM Developer Connect in Bengaluru on Friday, where he
addressed nearly 10,000 programmers, the entire tech-world is talking about him.

Among his notable works include an eight-step algorithim called “AskTanmay”, which is
the world’s first Web-Based NLQA System, built using IBM Watson’s Cognitive Capabilities and
can solve queries related to a ‘Person,’ ‘Organisation,’ ‘Location,’ or ‘Date’.

The boy-genius who loves to share his knowledge had a wishlist while he was writing his book, which includes getting a signed book from Amitabh Bachchan.

Tech biggies are surely watching out for him!

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