KARLToday, the search giant Google is celebrating the 148th birth anniversary of ace physician ‘Karl Landsteiner’.

Karl Landsteiner is known for discovering blood groups.

In the year 1900, he discovered the existence of different types of blood group that we know today (blood types A, B, AB and O).

His discovery opened the ways for blood transfusion and has saved millions of lives till day.

Today he is known as the father of transfusion medicine.

In 1930, Landsteiner was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery.

Karl Landsteiner and fellow scientist Erwin Popper are also credited with the discovery of the polio virus.

To honour this ace physician, the Google Doodle shows an old but confident scientist Karl Landsteiner standing in his laboratory wearing a white coat and holding a notepad in his hand.

Right beside him is a table with some of the scientific equipments on it like a advanced microscope and four test tubes filled with different blood type samples in it (blood types A, B, AB and O).