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According to Google Play charts, the chat application Google Allo might not be a very popular chat application, but now, the technology giant Google has added some new features to the application with the latest update.

The recently added features includes a dedicated icon to call upon Google Assistant, animated emojis, and an easier way to search for GIF images from inside the application.

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The new update has made the application more simpler and easy to use. Earlier, users had to type @google to call up the Google assistant but the latest update has now added a dedicated icon to get its service.

It is expected that the latest update to Google Allo will encourage more people to avail the service than before. “We’re adding a shortcut to make it faster and easier to bring the Google Assistant into chats with friends,” the search giant said in its blog post.

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The Google Allo now also supports animated emojis to the app. In order to animate an emoji, users need to press and hold the send button and then drag up to “to see it come to life,” Google said. Currently, there are only 10 emojis that support the animation feature in the app.

The latest update has also made it easier to search for GIFs while in conversations with the latest update. In order to search for relevant GIF images, you can click the smiley icon in the chat bar and swipe towards left side till you reach extreme right. Then you will find the option to Pull for GIFs. Then you can start searching for the GIFs by typing in the text field.

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Additionally, users can always make use of Lucky chatbot to search for GIFs if they prefer.

The update has already started rolling out for Android and Google says that it will be making its way to iOS soon.