tony fadellSix year after he founded the home automation company Nest, Tony Fadell is stepping down as the CEO of the company.

He will now be stepping into the advisory role at the Alphabet Inc, the parent company of Google that bought Nest in 2014.

Fadell announced his decision via a Nest blog post.

“Although this news may feel sudden to some, this transition has been in progress since late last year and while I won’t be present day to day at Nest, I’ll remain involved in my new capacity as an advisor to Alphabet and Larry Page,” he wrote in the blog post.

Nest’s new CEO will be Marwan Fawaz, who previously worked with Motorola Mobility and American cable telecom giant Charter Communication.

“I have no doubt that the company will continue to flourish under his guidance and can’t wait to see the innovations currently in development brought to market,” he said while adding that he is leaving the company with a two-year road plan.

Accorrding to reports, Fadell would now be working with some of the startups that he funds.

“This will give me the time and flexibility to pursue new opportunities to create and disrupt other industries– and to support others who want to do the same,” he wrote.

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