AirSelfieIf you are a selfie addict or fascinated about drones or may be you are tired of the usual selfie poses, then there’s a good news for you. Your phone cover can now be a drone! AirSelfie is a special gadget that will help you take aerial selfie shots.

Yes, you have read it right! it lets you take selfies or group shots from further away than you could with your arms or a selfie stick.

The AirSelfie cover only supports two different Android devices, that are, Google Pixel and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. But we hope that the feature is produced in a way that can be supported by all smartphones in near future.

The AirSelfie base package costs you approximately Rs. 17,472 ($260) that includes AirSelfie drone and the cover. If you want to buy a power bank in addition, then you need to pay approximately Rs. 23,180 ($345).

To use the AirSelfie, you just need to remove the drone from the cover and you can operate it with a companion app, and the integrated 5-megapixel camera shall take the picture. It then generates its own Wi-Fi network and allows your smartphone to connect and then the AirSelfie sends the picture to your phone.

The drone is made up of anodized aluminium so it looks classy, and it comes powered with a 260mAh battery. It also sports a 4GB built-in storage via microSD card. This card stores the pictures in the drone itself.

Watch out the video here: