amazon-kindle-fireLeading online shopping portal Amazon on Wednesday unveiled an upgraded Kindle e-book reader, making it thinner and lighter than the previous model.

Priced at Rs 5,999, the new Kindle has twice as much memory as the last-generation model and weighs in at 161 grams, or 5.7 ounces, with a six-inch display.

Some of the features include “export notes,” allowing users to send notes and highlights from a book to e-mail, and Bluetooth audio paired with a screen reader that can allow the visually impaired to hear content without an adaptor.

The new Kindle will come in black and white colour options, and has a more rounded design to make it easier to hold.

“Tens of millions of readers around the world have Kindle e-readers and today, we’re excited to make our most affordable Kindle even better, while keeping the same breakthrough price point. With a thinner and lighter design, twice the memory,” said Amazon in a press statement.

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