rioGeorgian shooter Nino Salukvadze is all set to compete in her eighth Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. However, the three-time shooting medalist is going to compete with her son, Tsotne Machavariani. Tsotne Machavariani has also been named in the Georgian national shooting team. This is the first time when mother-son duo will be competing together in the same event.

“I am very happy as the representative of the Georgian shooting federation but a million times happier as a mother that my son managed to do this,” Salukvadze told reporters.

There have been 70 previous instances when a parent and child competed at the same Olympics, however this is the first time when a mother and son are competting.

Salukvadze, who turned 47 in February, took home two medals at the 1988 Games while competing for the Soviet Union in Seoul.