firo Fußball, Fussball,               01.02.2015                       1. Bundesliga, 1. BL Saison 2014/2015 SVW SV Werder Bremen - Hertha BSC Berlin 2:0 Werder Zlatko Junuzovi? Junuzovic, halbe figur

Midfielder Zlatko Junuzovic has sustained an ankle injury that will prevent him from playing on Saturday against Portugal in Group F of the Euro football championship.

Junuzovic tore the ligament of his right ankle during Wednesday’s match against Hungary, which the Austrians lost 0-2, reports Efe.

It is also doubtful that he can recover in time for Austria’s last match in the group stage against Iceland on June 22.

Junuzovic admitted that, despite suffering severe pain 15 minutes into the match against Hungary, he wanted to continue playing, acknowledging that may have been misguided.

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