Some Lodha Committee Recommendations Are Too Harsh , Says Kapil Dev
Some Lodha Committee Recommendations Are Too Harsh , Says Kapil Dev

Former captain Kapil Dev on Sunday said that few of the recommendations made by the Lodha Panel were too harsh, such as one vote for one state and the cooling off period of three years for administrators.

Kapil, on his part, feels it was a “teething a problem” and said while he found many recommendations reasonable, a few were still harsh.

“Some things that I come to know, delight me. There is an age (limit) for everybody. There is one year left for me to be a selector, fine because it says 60 years. But I could not understand that Maharashtra can have only one vote. How can a place like Mumbai which has done so much for cricket can vote only after three years?

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“The mindset need to open up. You can’t say this is my thing; this is ours. We have to take the game much ahead of the time and then it will be better. If you are stiff with ideas, it won’t help anybody. They should sit down and discuss what is best for cricket,” India’s first World Cup wining captain said.

“Some of the recommendations, I feel is too much. Lets’ not take anything away from the BCCI. They have looked after this game for 60-80 years. I think one has to be more calm and easy and see what is best for the game. I don’t believe in hire and fire,” Kapil said.