BCCIIn January 2015, the Supreme Court appointed a committee under ex-CJI RM Lodha, to determine punishments for those named in the Mudgal Committee report on IPL fixing and to recommend reforms for cricket in India.

Lodha Panel Top Recommendations

  • Bring BCCI under RTI Act
  • Panel recommends legalisation of betting
  • No BCCI office-bearer can be a minister or government servant.
  • No BCCI office-bearer can have more than two consecutive terms
  • One association should represent an entire state and only one vote per state.
  • In no case President will hold post for more than 2 years
  • It recommends separate governing bodies for the IPL and BCCI.
  • The committee said that match-and spot-fixing should be made a criminal offence.
  • Setting up of a Players’ Association to safeguard the interests of the cricketers.
  • Three authorities, an ombudsman for internal disputes, an ethics officer and an electoral officer are to be appointed to oversee BCCI activities.

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