90 years ago, on June 1st, the legendary actress and model Marilyn Monroe was born in Los Angeles. Today in honour of that day, here we take a look at the five most iconic moments of the Hollywood’s style diva:

1. Iconic subway dress

From the 1955 film-The Seven Year Itch, image of Monroe in the white dress standing above a subway grating blowing the dress up has been described as one of the iconic images of the 20th century


2. “I wear Chanel No.5”

During a Press conference, when an editor asked Monroe what she generally wears in bed, she answered“I wear Chanel No.5”. That was the most famous perfume by the famous French trend Chanel.


3. Love Of Life

B3K05P MARILYN MONROE with 2nd husband Joe DiMaggio
The hottest actress married the base ball player Joe DiMaggio

4. Korea Visit

To visit US troops in Korea, Marilyn Monroe interrupted her honeymoon in Japan.


5. President’s Birthday

On John F. Kennedy’s 45th birthday, Monroe sang that infamous song; Happy Birthday Mr. President.