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The desi girl is conquering Hollywood, After a successful stint as a FBI officer in Quantico, she will be seen in famous Hollywood movie franchise ‘Baywatch’.

Apart from these, Priyanka is creating buzz in talk shows as after appearing in Jimmy Kimmel Live, she was seen in The Ellen Show with Ellen DeGeneres where she played a game of ‘Drinko’ and had tequila shots.

Here is the video :

When Ellen asked Priyanka that whether she knows anything about CIA, FBI, she said, “No, I mean we have our own acronyms in India, which is CBI, but the only thing I knew about FBI, CIA is what I watched on TV, which is like Homeland, and all the shows that we love.”
“I did not know how to announce myself, but it gives you such a sense of power when you break down a door, and go , FBI, FBI! in that voice. It’s really like you feel really powerful. I enjoy that part the most,” she said.