In recent days, the presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has become one of the most divisive and controversial figures in America. His loudness, gestures, and expressions all draw people’s attention around the globe.According to experts, most of these gestures are unconscious processes and reveals a lot about a person’s personality. Born on June 14, 1946 , Trump turns 70 on Tuesday, to mark this occasion, here we try to decode his alluring expressions.

1. Consistency

Trump’s micro-expressions, voice pitch, facial gestures and hand gestures all remained consistent with his baseline behaviour.

2. Open palm gesture

This is said to be a sign of openness and honesty.

3. Certainty

The Republican Party on Tuesday officially nominated real estate magnate Donald John Trump as presidential candidate for November general elections in the US.

He seems to be certain about what he wants and sets out to get it.

4. Electric smile

His smile can be defined as engaging and is capable of conveying positive emotions to supporters.

5. Pointing a finger

It shows his dominating side.