cancer causing foodThere’s nothing in your daily existence that cancer doesn’t touch.The World Cancer Research Fund estimates that about 20% of all cancers diagnosed in the US are related to poor nutrition, which means your diet can be major culprit to put you at the risk of this horrific disease.

Here is the list of five food that can puit you at the risk of Cancer:

Refined Sugar: This is it typically GMO (Genetically Modified Food) and spikes insulin levels.

Diet Foods: These foods contain artificial sweeteners. According to National Cancer Institute, one artificial sweetener, Saccharin, was determined to cause cancer in lab rats.

Grilled Red Meat: When you grill red meat to the point of well-done, it changes the chemical and molecular structure of the meat and turns toxic.

White Flour: White flour is bleached with chlorine gas to make it more appealing to consumers. The glycemic index for white flour is very high which spikes your insulin levels.

Microwave Popcorn: A couple of years ago a Colorado court awarded a man a $7.2 million settlement for “popcorn lung” which is a lung condition from inhaling too much microwave popcorn.