Virtual Autopsies To Be A Reality In Asia Now. AIIMS Opts For It First!
Virtual Autopsies To Be A Reality In Asia Now. AIIMS Opts For It First!

In a first in Asia, a digital radiological unit has been set up at the AIIMS mortuary to enable doctors conduct virtual autopsies with the help of hightech digital X-rays, which can detect even the minutest clots and fractures invisible to the naked eye. The cutting edge technology is also less time consuming and promises to be a boon in cases where only skeletal remains are recovered.

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“The virtual autopsies are less time consuming as compared to the traditional postmortem and are minimally invasive allowing the body to be released for cremation or burial sooner,” said Dr Sudhir Gupta, head of the AIIMS forensic department.

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According to Dr Gupta, it is tremendously helpful in cases of decomposed corpse where it is difficult to ascertain the injuries by visual post mortem examination. “The radiological examination can detect fractures and blood clots invisible to the naked eye. Often there are concealed fractures and injuries which are difficult to spot.

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“With the help of virtual autopsy, even smaller fractures like hairline or chip fracture in bones along with bleeding which are signs of ante-mortem injuries can be detected and they can be also documented in the form of X-ray films,” said Dr Gupta.