With longer and short nights, summer is the time of adventure, vacation and rejuvenation. However, the scorching heat of this weather falls hard on our bodies.

With the weather being just around the corner, we all are already searching ways to beat the heat in more effective and less expensive manner.

Here are ten tips for your assistance:

10. Increase Water intake

It prevents your body from dehydration and thus keeps you cooler.


9. Ice Therapy

Wrist and neck are the coolest points in the human body, wrap some ice in a towel and tie it around your neck or wrist to feel cooler.

8. It’s time to sip chrysanthemum tea

Ancient Chinese medicinal science defines it as a natural coolant

7. Bite some spice

Eating spicy food increases your body temperature and during. Increased body temperature diminishes the difference between you and the surrounding air. This makes you feel cooler by inducing sweating. Note: This can cause dehydration too.

6. Now bathing is fun

Frequent cold water showers are always the best option.

5. Wear Cotton

Cotton is a natural fabric, It is capable of absorbing and removing body moisture caused by sweat. Thus, wearing cotton during hot days can make you feel cooler.

4. It’s a fruity season

Consumption of fresh fruit or juices prevents your body from dehydration and makes you feel cooler.

3. Add Tulsi seeds to your drinks

Tulsi is again a natural coolant.

2. Exercise to feel cool

Workout increases your body temperature and makes you feel cooler by inducing sweating.

1. Window optimization

You can also hang a damp towel in front of the window to cool the air flowing into your home.