Sex is a natural phenomenon that derives maximum interest, several historical facts prove that different societies have different moral values to regulate this natural phenomenon.

sex tradition

Many have long followed sexual traditions too.

Here is the list of five societies and their weird sex tradition.

New Guinea: Here the Sambian tribe had a tradition to swallow the semen of tribe’s most powerful warriors.

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Egypt: Ancient Egyptians believed that god Atum created the universe by masturbating to ejaculation and considering rive Nile as the result of Atum’s ejaculation, they used to masturbate into the river.

Marquesas Islands: Watching your parents having sex was a tradition here.

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Mahinaku village, Brazil: Sex sessions used to be a reward here. Men used to compete with each other for having one session with the woman of their choice.

Hawai: Naming genitals was a tradition here for long. Traditional Hawai‘ians have even made chants describing their genitals.