New School Curriculum: Filing FIRs, Reading Maps, Watching Rajya Sabha TV
New School Curriculum: Filing FIRs, Reading Maps, Watching Rajya Sabha TV

Indian school system just got more practical.

In order to diversify the skills of the students and so that they learn practical skills apart from simply mugging up facts, the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has come up with a new proposed curriculum which will require students at each class level to be capable of certain practical skills.

According to the proposed curriculum, students should have the ability to file FIRs, locate places on maps, understand directions, know basic English phrases etc. The skills will be matched to the class level of the student.

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For example, a student in Class 4 should know how to read headlines and subtitles on TV and pamphlets, while a Class 7 student should know how to locate their own constituency on a constituency map and know the name of their local Member of Parliament.

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NCERT also recommends that students watch Rajya Sabja TV programmes in class and be shown educational movies such as Gandhi, Sardar for a multimedia approach in gaining knowledge of India’s history and current political scenarios.

The planning for a new curriculum comes after the court order on non-detention policy, that every student has to be promoted despite poor performance in exams.