Jaypee Hospital Docs Lead By Example: Majority Are Registered Organ Donors
Jaypee Hospital Docs Lead By Example: Majority Are Registered Organ Donors

Anyone can become a donor after brain death and help many needy people, but general public is yet to pick up on this trend. Majority of Jaypee Hospital doctors have led by example by registering themselves as organ donors, taking action at a personal level apart from simply espousing benefits of donating.

Medical advancements have made many things possible so that  if you have a failing organ such as liver, kidney, heart or lungs, there is a complete cure via organ donation but also a massive dearth in viable organs. Each year there is requirement of approximately 200,000 kidneys, 50,000 hearts and 50,000 livers for transplantation.

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Although patients have awareness of the treatment options, possible donors have minimal awareness resulting in very few donors. India has one of the poorest Organ Donation rates at only 0.26 donors per million population, in comparison to US at 26, Spain at 35.3, and Croatia with 36.5 per million. If the number of donors per million in India reaches even 1, there would be 1,000 hearts, , 1,100 Pancreas,  2,200 Eyes, 1,100 Livers  and 2,200 kidneys available for transplantation.

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Every year through accidents alone, roughly 1.5 lakh brain deaths occur, after which the person becomes an eligible organ donor for crucial organs while Liver and Kidney transplants can be performed from a living donor. Lack of awareness is one of the most important reasons for the organ donation shortage, in such a highly populated country.

Jaypee Hospital itself is fully equipped to perform Heart, Lung, Kidney, Liver and Eye transplants.