As Diwali is very near, everyone is busy in shopping and preparing themselves to celebrate the festival.

Every year many people resolve to not burn firecrackers, but then also burning every year, after Diwali level pollution all over the country increases.

But wait if you are thinking burning firecrackers only harms environment and it will not not have any direct effect on you, then you are wrong. We here brings you five points on how burning firecracker can harm you:

1) They can make you Deaf, flare up your asthma and can even stop your heart!


A WHO’s study in 2013 found that sudden noise pollution, which eventually increases on Diwali due to firecrackers, is harmful for heart diseases, hypertension, lack of sleep and even cognotive development in kids.

And you will be shocked to know that too much loud noise increases the risk of a heart attack by 30% in people with a pre-existing condition.

2) Firecrackers can horrify you ‘lovable’ pet!


They can even horrify your pet and I hope you will not love to see your whining with fear.

3) They are made of harmful chemicals!

10pollution at CST1

The ingredients of a cracker:




Potassium chlorate

Sulphur Dioxide



Barium green

Sodium yellow


Above mentioned chemical, which are used to make firecrackers can have very bad effect on your health. All these crackers can mentally impair the newborns, if they are exposed to the harmful toxins released during firecracker explosion, the high magnesium content can cause wheezing, shortness of breath and it also have ill effects on central nervous system of pregnant women.

4) It can reduce your hearing ability


Human ear have the capacity to hear up to the tipping point 85 deciles and prolonged exposure to louder noise than this can even lead to deafness in humans.

Usually on Diwali, the average sound level goes up to 100 to 120dB, after 8 pm, which can completely damage your hearing permanently.

What preventive measures you can have

Earplugs, earplugs, earplugs. If you are prone to ear issues, then stay indoors with your babies and pets.

5) High risk of getting burnt, due to firecracker explosion!


Every year, cases of severe burn injuries comes to hospitals after Diwali. If we talk about last year, there were about 450 burn injuries in the capital alone.

Every year, several teams of doctors and nurses are deployed in the hospitals to tackle the burn injuries and they work all night on Diwali because of the number of causalities which come in.

So, let’s make this Diwali safe and ‘Say No To Crackers’.