Happy Independence Day: 'We Indians Are Brilliants', Prove These 'Jugaads'
Happy Independence Day: ‘We Indians Are Brilliants’, Prove These ‘Jugaads’

When it comes to find an alternative solution to any problem or crisis ‘we Indians are masters’ and that’s why we know what ‘Jugaad’can work where.

To celebrate this distinct skill of being an Indian, here we share ‘Jugaads’ by Indians from different corner of the nation.

We have collected all these images from social media sites. Here is the list:

1. AC+ Refrigerator

2. Let’s Lock In Desi Style

3. Looks Like A Motorcycle, Function Like Car

4.The Desi Shower


4. Car With Portable Chair

5. ‘No Need Of Central AC’

6. Desi Remote Conrol

7. Bottles Work Better Than Life Jacket

8. Iron Can Turn Induction ‘Choolah’

9. Use Helmet While Chopping!

10. Desi Hot Water Geyser

11. Perfect Use Of Broken Chair

12. Innovative Umbrella

13. Pulsar Power Used The Right Way!

14. Portable Cooler

15. Multi Purpose Spoon

16. Scooter With Baby Seat

17. CPU Cabinet Turned Rack

18. Let’s Pass On Some Hanover To Mosquitoes too

19. Bike Cum Bicycle

20. Perfect Use Of A Cloth Hanger

21. Car Stereo Not Required

22. I reserve My Meat Outside Train

23. Broken Clock Can Be Used This Way

24. Innovative Way To Recharge Your Laptop