Lungs are important part of the human respiratory system and these days they have been suffering a lot at the hands of pollution and dust.


Thus, an easy and quick cleansing process for lungs is the need of the time.

Here are five easy steps to clean them in Just 72 hours.

However, before beginning with these steps, two days preparation time is required.

This preparation time comprises of following steps:

Eliminate Dairy Product from your diet for two days: This step will help your body to eliminate all the toxins from dairy products before starting the process of purifying the lungs.

Drink Herbal Tea: A day before starting with the process, drink a cup of herbal tea before going to bed. This releases toxins in the intestine that can cause constipation.

Now, Let’s begin with the cleansing process!

Lemon juice before breakfast: Squeeze juice of 2 lemons in 300 ml of water.

Consume juices which are rich in antioxidants: 300 ml of grapefruit juice or pineapple juice, antioxidants from these fruits will improve your breathing system.

Carrot juice in brunch time: To will alkalize your blood during the 3-day regime, drink 300 ml of freshly prepared carrot juice between your breakfast and lunch.

Include Potassium rich juices in your lunch menu: cranberry juice is a good option, 400 ml juice before going to bed works as a tonic to clean your body and protects your lungs from harmful bacteria that can cause infection.

Take hot water bath for 20 minutes and steam with eucalyptus oil: It eliminates toxins from the body. Add 5 to 10 drops of eucalyptus oil in the steamer before taking the steam.

Note: Combine these steps with some breathing exercises like Pranayama and Anulom Vilom for better results.