Holi is the festival of colours but defining it as the ‘festival of pranks’ is also not wrong.


“Bura Na Maano Holi Hai” this decade old phrase has given all the rights to people to play pranks on the day with their dears and nears.

Thus, here are some “Khurafati” ways to wish Holi this season:

Condoms in balloon packet with colours


Buy coloured condoms and put them in a packet of balloons, combine it with a packet of gulaal. ‘Pranky’ Holi gift is ready.

Egg popping box


Oops! This option offers you to play Holi with Eggs instead of colours. As you open up the box, the other person’s face is covered with the egg yolk. Well that will be not less than an ouch moment for him/her

Mixing Bhang in Coffee


Well! Mixing Bhang with Thandai is an old idea,mix it with Coffee this time and serve it at the start of the day.

Add colours to home’s main water tank


Why pick those heavy buckets in order to throw water on to your targets? make it easy and more ‘Khurafati’, add colour to his/ her home’s main water tank. This prank will make their Holi unforgettable.

Bura Naa Maano Holi Hai!

News World India wishes you a Happy and Safe Holi.