Driving In Fog? Follow This Check List To Ensure Safety On Road

| December 1 , 2016 , 14:30 IST
[caption id="attachment_237522" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Representational Image Representational Image[/caption] Days of winter are back as the country in engulfed by the dense fog, mostly in areas of North India. The fog has reduced visibility to zero in many parts of the national capital this morning, severely affecting air and rail traffic in the form of several diversions and cancellations. Dence fog has also affected the road transport badly as the cars are forced to crawl at a speed of 20kmph even on highways. Reduced visibility due to dense fog also results into many several road accidents as well. Hence, it is very important to ensure safety on road. So, here is a check list to ensure safety on road, as visibility reduces due to dense fog: 1)Clean Lights and Windshield Regularly   The visibility reduces drastically due to fog, so in order to maximise your visibility, cleaning you headlights, fog lights and windshield in must. This can maximise the visibility up to some extent which helps you exert less strain on your eyes and you can easily figure out traffic on road. 2)Adjust Seat You can also adjust your seat and set to highest position, so that you can maximise your view of the road. This will you help you enhance your confidence in low visibility conditions. 3)Switch Headlights to Low Beam Setting your head light to the low beam and switching on your fog lamps can help enhancing the visibility. Putting headlights on high beam actually reduces visibility, as fog consist of small water droplets which reflect the light rays and further reduces visibility. 4)Focus on the road while driving Be very focused on road and be very attentive while you are driving on road. If you can avoid listening to music and handling the music system while driving, so you must avoid it. It is advised to hold the steering wheel with both your hands while driving in such conditions, in order to have better control over vehicle. 5)Don't Switch Driving Lanes Often It is highly advised to not to change the driving lane often while driving, as it may disturb the others while overtaking. Drive within lane marking, it reduces the chances of ending up in a ditch.