The food fight between India’s two greatest cities is never ending. Whether Mumbai is better or Delhi? This is one tough question that can’t be answered. However, foodies love both the cities equally as they both Delhi and Mumbai boast some of the greatest dishes. To deal with this hypothetical fight, we bring you a lowdown of street foods from both Mumbai and Delhi.

1. Vada Pav Vs Aloo Chaat

2. Bombil Fry Vs Chicken Tikka

3. Batata Vada Vs Samosa

4. Akuri on toast Vs Bread-Omelette

5. Ragda Patti Vs Chole Bhature

6. Frankie Vs Kathi Roll

7. Misal Pav Vs Pav Bhaji

8. Bhel Puri Vs Papdi Chaat

9. Gola Vs Kulfi Falooda